My include doesn't display on the iOS News App... HELP

The School Report Map appeared to be working fine everywhere... but for some reason was not working in the app.

The app launcher image was visible (the article wasn't tagged as Interactive, but that should be ok) - but when you tap the image, you'd almost immediately get the following error:

"There was a problem loading this content. Please check your internet connection and try again."


It worked fine on Android - and it works if the article is tagged as Interactive - so what's the deal?

Turns out the include contained a Carto map, and the Carto map was throwing a console error:

Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999 "(null)" UserInfo=\{NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=[], NSErrorFailingURLKey=[]}

BUT, it will only do this in the app, ONLY on iOS, and ONLY for articles NOT tagged as 'interactive'.

The web view used by the iOS app is old and is hyper sensitive to any console errors, so will immediately catch the error and display a generic error message to the end user.

The 'interactive' web view is newer and more forgiving of console errors. In any case, the 'interactive' web view at least lets you chuck in a window.alert to help debug any issues.

**TLDR; if you're using Carto, your article has to use the Interactive tag.

Wider implications:

  • If your article is NOT tagged as interactive, OR...
  •'re using an older app version which does not support the interactive tag...
  • ...then it's probably a console error. It's impossible for you to get the console output yourself, but you can ask the News Apps team to run the page through their emulator and set a bug breakpoint. They can then capture the error and let you know what you're dealing witu.

Full write-up in

My include doesn't display on the iOS News App... HELP
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